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Contact Lens Services

Contacts are a great way to free yourself up from your glasses!  Many new contact lens designs and materials exist today which opens up this option to patients who were unsuccessful in the past or who were poor candidates.  There are now soft, comfortable multifocal contact lenses which can provide both vision for distance and reading at near.  In addition there are now contacts which are FDA approved for continuous wear for up to 30 days!  They can also convert red eyes into white healthy eyes for current contact lens wearers who suffer from chronic redness in their eyes.  Ask the doctors during your exam if you may be a candidate for any of these new designed contacts. 

Be aware though that contacts are medical devices which can drastically change the health of your eyes and can even cause your prescription to get worse.  They are not substitutes for glasses and in many cases will not provide the same clear and comfortable vision of glasses.  Annual eye examinations to follow the health of your eyes are necessary when you wear contacts.