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Bowen Eye Care provides comprehensive eye care, precision vision analysis, and a wide range of vision solutions for your entire family.

  • No "air puff" comprehensive eye exams!

From the youngest to the oldest, our eyes impact our quality of life in almost every way. More than just a "window into the soul" our eyes literally allow a trained professional an open view into our body's overall health and well being. When whole body disease is present, a comprehensive eye exam is often where it is first diagnosed. This is why we believe a comprehensive eye exam should be an annual event, and an important part of managing your family's overall health.

  • Precision vision refractions

Is the world blurry and out of focus? Are you seeing double? Is there too much glare, not enough contrast? Yes, even healthy eyes can fail to do their job...which is to provide a sharp focus on the world around us. Our doctors are skilled in corrective vision analysis. And more than just providing a prescription for glasses, they are experts at fitting patients for contact lenses, too. Even people who have been disappointed with contact lenses in the past have been happily surprised to find that today's contacts are so easy and comfortable to wear.

  • Friendly expert staff

Bowen Eye Care has an expert team of opticians that are ready to offer advice on eyewear fashion as well as explain all the lens design options available to you. We are happy to go over your vision care or health insurance benefits and help you get the most bang out of those bucks!  We have a large selection of frames to pick from and have priced our lenses to be competitive.

  • Co-management for LASIK

Or maybe you want to give glasses and contacts the boot entirely and you're going to get LASIK. We are happy to offer LASIK consultation, referral, and co-management as well. There are a number of area ophthalmologists that we can recommend and co-manage your post op care with.

  • Diseases treated

Bowen Eye Care's therapeutic optometrists also diagnose and treat eye disease as well as eye impact and abrasion traumas. Sties, ingrown eye lashes, conjunctivitis (pink eye)? Yes, we treat that. Parasite infestation? Yes, we treat that too.

  • Dry eye disease

And now for something new to learn about; dry eye disease. Do you experience sudden tearing, severe burning and itching of the eyes at the end of the day, especially while looking at your phone? Long term exposure to pollutants, artificial light sources and electronic devices such as smart phones and computer monitors has been linked to the degenerative decline of the meibomian glands in our eyelids that provide much of the lubrication our eyes require. There are now prescription eye drops and other therapies that can offer relief.